The BlackBerry Torch is a new design for RIM and BlackBerry OS 6. Full QWERTY Keyboard and a Touch Screen. It also has a 5 mega-pixel camera. It has the look and feel of a BlackBerry but it is different. There will be a photo gallery at the end. For now, let’s get started with the full review on the BlackBerry Torch.



The Design of the Torch is different from other BlackBerries. It is both a Touch Screen phone and has a QWERTY Keyboard. When you first look at it, you see the screen. It is a little thicker than other blackberries, doesn’t really make a difference. When you push up on the screen out comes the full QWERTY Keyboard. On the top of the phone you have your Lock and Mute Key. They come in very handy. On the left hand side of the phone you have your “Mini USB Port”. From there you can charge it or plug it into your computer. On the right hand side you have your headphone jack. You also have a convince key on that side. One feature is that you can hit this button to take a picture instead of using the on-screen button. The keyboard itself is basically the same one found on every other BlackBerry. Overall the design of the Torch makes for the a very easy User Experience with it.



The BlackBerry Torch has some great features. For starters, It is running BlackBerry 6. It is the latest and greatest BlackBerry OS. It adds some great new features to the phone. It also has a New Media Player on it. This makes it great for listening to music, watching videos, and browsing for photos. There are also several other media apps on the phone. Those are RingTones, Podcasts, Video Camera, Web Video Search, You Tube, AT&T Music, PrimeTime2Go, Slacker Radio, Live TV, Snap, Voice Notes Recorder, & Voice Notes. One thing to mention is that it is not a YouTube app it brings you to the YouTube mobile site. This was a little disappointing. Another great feature is that it has “Social Feeds” built right into the OS. You can connect Facebook, Twitter, & Many More. It gives you a way to view all of your social networks in one place. It shows up as a list and combines them all together. This is a great feature, that enables you to keep track of all of your social networks. There is also one feature that is common amongst all of the BlackBerries, and that is “BBM” or “BlackBerry Messenger”. It is a great service that attracts many to get a BlackBerry. It allows anyone with a BlackBerry to get an account for free, and with that you can message any one else who has a BBM Account. It is like BlackBerries own social network. It works great on the Torch. Overall these features and the many other ones found on the BlackBerry Torch are great!



The camera on the BlackBerry Torch is 5 mega-pixels. It is not that bad of a camera for a phone. There is also a built-in flash, so you can take pictures in poor lighting. The camera is basic, there are not effects that you can add to it like on many Android Phones. However the BlackBerry Torch Camera App gets the job done. One thing that is nice about it you can choose your scene modes. Your choices are Auto, Face detection, Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Party, Close-Up, Snow, Beach, Night, & Finally Text. You will most likely use these to help make your pictures the best they can be. Your next button is “Flash”, you can either have it on  Auto, On, or Off. Auto is normally the most popular choice to use. After that you have the Shutter button, you tap it and i takes a picture. Under that you have the Location button. You can have it put a Geo-Tag on the photo, so people know where the photo was taken. And then you have your gallery button were you can view your beautiful photos that you have taken. Overall the Camera App on the BlackBerry Torch is nice and basic.


Bottom Line

The BlackBerry Torch is a great phone. It has a brand new OS with many updates coming in the future. Some people think BlackBerry’s are just meant for business. I feel that anyone can use it who wants it. BBM allows you to connect to your friends who have BlackBerries. BlackBerry App World gives you access to all of the great apps made for the BlackBerry. It is also on the great AT&T network. We would recommend the BlackBerry Torch for anyone who is looking for a fresh new BlackBerry. You Can Buy And See The BlackBerry Torch Here. We would like to thank BlackBerry for providing us with a copy of the BlackBerry Torch.




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