Its May 21, 2011 and the world is ending.  If you happen to be reading this article then either your soul has been saved or the world has not ended, i’ll let you decide which is true.  But enough of global destruction, their is some cool technology that needs sharing.  One thing that makes the human race superior to other species on planet earth is our ability to learn.  It has been our greatest advantage in our development, and it is what allowed us to go from sticks and stones, to supercomputers and space ships.  One of the newest innovations of our technology is a robot that is able to mimic our learning ability to a certain extent.  A human performed two unsuccessful tests and a robot, developed by a team of Swiss engineers, observed how the person unsuccessfully did the test.  After doing this, the robot attempted the same task and adjusted how it did it based on thee failed attempts of its human counterpart.  After a few tries, it successfully completed the task that its creator could not.  While the world might not be ending because of an apocalypse from god, we may someday be taken over by robots that learn from our mistakes and best their human creators.


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