A few years back in 2002, Space Ship One was successfully tested as a prototype for a commercial space vehicle.  Recently, new light has been shed on this project with a successful testing of Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two.  Virgin is planning to have 5 ships in their fleet, two of which are built, the VSS Enterprise and the VSS Voyager (I think they watched a little too much Star Trek), and one of which is tested.  The Enterprise successfully completed a “Feather” test where it was brought up by its carrier craft, WhiteKnightTwo, and glided back to Earth.  This was done to test the spacecrafts rear tail, which is designed to rotate 65 degrees to help the craft glide down.  The Enterprise performed admirably and it safely landed on an airstrip in the Mojave Desert.  It is not available for commercial use just yet but with a few more tests and buckets of money, civilians will be able to book a space flight on one of these Space Ship Twos.   


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