Jason Rohrer, the creator of Passage, Inside a Star-filled Sky, Between, and many more popular games, is back with a two player story telling game. The first player controls a character, can move them, speak in a speech bubble, and type any verb into an action command. Simple, right? The other player has control over the entire environment, NPCs, and music (this player is essentially the AI). Out of game, players can create their own objects, backgrounds, and sounds. With an 8-bit Jason Rohrer theme, Sleep is Death really puts your story telling skills to the test. Each player only has 30 seconds to respond to their partner’s actions, which makes mistakes more common. Upon completing a game, you are presented with a flip book of screenshots of each scene of your previous game. When you buy Sleep is Death, You receive two copies of the game. One for yourself, and one for a friend. You can buy this game for anything above 1.75 usd. Thats right, name your price, folks.


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