Whats better than dueling robots? Dueling ninja robots. Whats better than dueling ninja robots? Suicide ninja robots that are dueling in lo-grav. Plain Sight, made by Beatnik games, is a game about just that. Killing enemies is the only way to get energy, but to earn points and experience, you must blow your self up! More energy means bigger explosions and more points. It will also change your color and increase your size, making you a higher priority target. After death, upgrade your happy little robot into a deadly ninja. The 5 explosive game modes are Deathmatch, Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Robozilla!- tiny ninjas unite against a giant robozilla, Lighten up- detonate with the most energy on a certain point to earn points, TeamDeathMatch, and CTF. Tons of maps are included, and each one has mind-bending gravity. Some times, this can be bad (Unreeled Tournament) and has you spinning around in mixed and matched gravitational fields, but usually the unfamiliar physics work themselves out. Plain Sight is a beautifully crafted action packed wonder, and at only 4.99 on steam, it is well worth its price.




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