Nvidia has just announced their newest mobile graphics processor, the GTX 560M, and showed off some systems that will be utilizing this chip.  The GPU has 192 CUDA cores clocked at 1550 MHz, and a max of 3 GB of video ram clocked at 1250 MHz.  The 560M also supports 3d, DirectX 11, and Optimus, which is a feature that turns off the GPU when not doing demanding tasks.  The 560M topples the current GTX 460M in almost all areas of performance.  It has already attracted Asus, Alienware, MSI, Toshiba, and Clevo as the new graphics chip for their mobile gaming computers.  Mobile gamers should rejoice at the release of these systems because it gives unprecedented performance for price in a laptop.  Although not quite able to beat the current GTX 485M, Nvidia has also announced another mobile GPU will be released later this year, hopefully it will dethrone the 485.


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