The Verizon Wireless Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the first that is also a full portable gaming system. The Xperia Play has a lot to live up to, it does not really do this. At least for the most part it does not. Now, let’s get started with the full review on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play!


The main part of the Xperia Play, would be the slide out game pad. It slides out right from under the Screen. It has your classic placation controls on it and 2 analog pads, that replicate the touch screen. This way it does not obstruct your view. However the slide out game pad adds a lot of thickness to the phone itself. The “L & R” buttons are located behind the screen. The game-pad is fairly easy to use. The sliding mechanism is very nice you only need to go half way as it is spring-loaded. It does the other half for you. The volume buttons are located the right hand side of the phone. The home, back, menu, and search buttons are located below the screen. They are not back light and do not respond that easily. Sony really didn’t do a good job there. The Xperia play is one of the thickest Android smart phone on the market. The SD card can be removed without taking out the battery. It comes with a 8GB pre-installed micro SD Card. It should give you enough space for a good amount of apps. The phone is pretty fast, it has enough ram to run the games that come preloaded on the phone. Believe it or not the game play does not affect the battery too much, Sony is saying you said get 5 1/2 hours of battery life. Overall the hardware in the Sony Xperia Play is good.



The display on the Sony Xperia Play is dark, even when it is on full brightness. The screen is not the best, and it taxes the battery a lot. Out of the box the screen comes on full brightness, it is very dim. It came as a shock to me when i went to go check the brightness and i saw that it was on full blast. It has a 854 x 480 resolution. Also, it is not the best in the sun. Very hard to play games in it, if it is not impossible. This is one of the worst, if not the worst, screens I have ever reviewed on a phone. Overall the screen is very bad on the Xperia Play, hopefully there will be some kind of fix for this.



As many of you know almost any smart phone can record in 720p HD, well the Xperia Play cannot it has a maximum of recording 800 x 480. Keeping in mind that it has a 5 mega-pixel camera in the back and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor in it. Any other phone that has this could record in 720p HD. For some reason Sony either forgot this or just purposely left out 720p recording. Overall the video camera on the Xperia Play could be much better.Now the regular still camera on the Xperia Play, works pretty good. There are very few changes you can make. You are limited to white balance, focus mode, and exposure.  At least it offers the basics, it should be good for most users. The camera does well in good light, in low light you have to try to get a good shot more. Keep in mind that there is a VGA front facing camera as well. Overall the photo-taking portion of the camera is good. You can see some sample photos in the main gallery at the bottom.



This is what Sony is really pushing the Xperia Play with. It is the first “Playstation Certified Phone”. After the whole PSN network crash, my thoughts about Play Station went down a little bit. However gaming on the Xperia Play is not shabby. First of all the phone comes pre-loaded with 6 games. Those are Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, The Sims 3, Star Battalion, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Madden NFL 11 , and Crash Bandicoot. It also has some free VCast Apps. Keep in mind some games are better than others on the Xperia Play. For instance “Crash Bandicoot” is pretty good on the Xperia Play. The more simple the game the better it is. The controls are quite simple you move with the arrow keys and do actions (i.e.: jump, kick,), with the square, triangle, “X”, & “O” buttons. The actual apps were you can see your games and look at the others available is “Xperia Play”. It combines all of the places were you can buy games into one unique place. Most of them come from the “VCast Apps”. More Play Station will come as they are available. Most of the VCast Apps are around $1.99. So the games may not cost that much money, but they may not be good at all. Luckily you can see other rating’s in the “VCast Apps”. Overall the “Xperia Play” app is very developed and most gamers will love it!


Bottom Line

The Sony Xperia Play is not the worlds greatest phone, far from that. It has a basic version of Android on it, with no special things from Sony built into the OS. It is relying on how it is the first “Playstation Certified Phone”. The gaming is what will make people want this phone. As a phone it is basic. It running on Verizon’s 3G Network, which is good. However the gaming part of it, is not enough to make everyone go out and buy this phone. The price of the phone is $199 with a 2-year contract and $449.99 with out a 2 year contract. In my opinion unless you are a super hard-core gamer who doesn’t mind have a bad camera, bad screen, and a very basic OS. Make sure you can look pass those things, than go for it. Most should hold out or try again with PlayStation Phone 2.0 . You Can See Or Buy The Verizon Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Here. We would like to thank Verizon for providing us with a copy of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.






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