Today Microsoft showed off a sneak peek a Windows 8. It looks like the Windows Phone 7 OS. It will have 2 kinds of applications. The regular old desktop application. Or a new one that is built out of HTML 5 and Java Script, like a mobile app. The whole OS has been built from the ground up for a touch screen. This is very exciting news. How ever you can still use your keyboard or mouse if you like. There will also be virtual ways to control the OS(operating system). While they had some demo tablets on stage, the full OS(operating system) will be announced in September. So no details on pricing or availability just yet, but it will give us something to look forward come september. “Windows 8” is just a code name for now, they said they’ll figure out the real name come September. See the video of the OS(operating system) below! More info as it comes to us.




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