Connecting two computers together to act almost like one is not unheard of today but not very common, and is fairly expensive.  If you see someone working on two screens at once you dot usually think their are two computers but rather one computer connected to two screens, which is usually the case.  j5 Create has created an easy affordable way to connect two separate computers together.  This little device is called the Wormhole KM Switch and it connects two computers together and they act almost as one.  It is as simple as plunging in one end of a cable into one computer, and the other into the second computer.  The plug is a USB however it only effectively works with USB 3.0.  Once connected, you can scroll with the mouse across the two screens, as if you are using a dual screen setup, simply by moving the mouse onto the edge of one screen and it will switch over to the other.  Not only that but you can type on one computer with the other ones keyboard, and you can transfer files between the two simply by dragging it across the desktop and onto the other screen.  As of now, they only have a version that works PC to PC but they will be releasing Mac to PC, and Mac to Mac models soon.


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