G’z One Commando Phone Powered by Verizon
G’z One Commando Phone Powered by Verizon

The G’z One Commando is an elegant beast, which can handle any extreme conditions that one may throw at it.  The overall design of the phone is sleek and resembles or at least reminded me of a cell phone with a slim modified outterbox like case on it.  It is surprisingly light and built rugged, perhaps the most durable smartphone on the market.  The phone is designed to be submerged underwater for long periods of time, dropped from normal heights, and tumbled through dirt and dust.  It’s hard not to take advantage of this phones unique strength.   I for one love the fact that this phone can be rinsed off when it gets dirty.  As a kiteboarder, I always find myself aware that my android smartphone is left locked up in the car to avoid the tragedy of the beach elements mix.  With the Commando the beach is no worry the sand can easily be washed off and even salt water isn’t a match for the Commando as it can take salt water spray with no problem.  If I wanted I can even make calls while I am actually kiteboarding!

Unique features that I would highlight on this phone include:

–        Waterproof, Droppable, Dustproof, Salt Water Spray Resistant Design

–        Surprisingly light, Android Powered, Large Front Speakers

–        Built-in Apps Earth Compass, Walking Counter, Tides, Thermometer, and Adventure Training

–        A tactile key (programmable button on the side of the phone that may be used to shortcut certain functions)

The only negative I really found with this phone is the style, if you don’t like the rugged look, this phone just simply isn’t for you.  However if you always drop your phone and or have destroyed phones before due to water damage then the rugged look may be your only option.

The Bottom line is that this phone is for people that want to take advantage of smart phone technology android powered without worrying about getting the phone dirty, wet, and or breaking/dropping it.  This smart phone is perfect for campers, hikers, mountain bikers, and extreme sports seekers, but also practical enough for those who beat up their phones with normal day activities and work.



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