A new game is coming to the Android platform on Friday. The game is called Cut the Rope. This game is a great game , especially for phones. To play the game, you slice ropes to feed your pet candy. This game is extremely fun and sometimes difficult to play with loads of levels and achievements to make. The app maker (Zeptolabs)is owned by the same company (Chillingo) that makes all the Angry Birds games. Based on this information, it is likely that this game will be another hit. At this moment we are not sure if the app will be available for the Android Marketplace or the Amazon App Store. We are also uncertain if the game will be free or if there is a fee, what that fee will be. If the game comes out on the Amazon App Store, I am sure it will be the Free App of The Day. I am looking forward to showing this great app to all my friends.



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