Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s newest portable gaming system is here! It is the Nintendo 3DS. The biggest change is that it has glasses free 3D! Nintendo has already sold a lot of them. Now lets dive into the full review on the Nintendo 3DS!


What’s In The Box

Nintendo gives you pretty much everything you need right in the box. In the box you will find the unit it self, a charging cradle, stylus, AC Adapter, 2GB SD Card, pamphlets, and AR(augmented-reality) Cards. So the free game that you get is the AR(augmented-reality) cards. When the back camera sees them, it launches several mini games that come pre-installed on the 3DS. Keep in mind that Nintendo still has there own proprietary charger, instead of a standard Micro USB Port. Would make it a lot simpler, if they did.


3DS Hardware

The 3DS resembles the other DS’s. However the 3DS is big measuring in at 2.9 inches x 5.3 inches x 0.8 inches. So, you may not be able to fit it in your pocket. Most people will carry it in a bag or backpack. However the 3DS is not that heavy coming in at around 7 ounces. For $250, it seems like the build quality could be better. Nintendo is still making it the same way the GameBoy was made. The unit is sturdy, no doubting it there but, it could have a nicer build to it. On the top of the 3DS there are 2 cameras. They take 3D Photos with a resolution of 640 x 480. While it’s not the best resolution, you can make use with it. However a disappointment was almost no way of sharing the photos, you can’t email or post them on any social networks. On the left side of the device you will find a SD Card Slot (under a hatch) and your volume controls. On the right side you have your wireless toggle. There you can turn wireless on or off. On the bottom front you will find a headphone jack and 2 indicator lights. One for power and one for charging. Your game cartridge slot can be found on the back with your stylus slot. Also, on the back is your charging plug. You also have your left and right shoulder buttons.


3DS Display

The 3DS has glasses free 3D. The top display is the one in 3D, it’s resolution is 800 x 240 and is 3.5 inches wide. Nintendo has said that there are 400 pixels peer eye, giving it the 3D effect. The bottom is screen is the smaller. It is 3 inches wide and has a resolution of 320 x 240. Now, the 3D works, its not bad but its not the best either. It makes it more difficult to play certain games. And to get the correct level of 3D takes some time to figure out. You can easily control the level of 3D by the toggle on the right hand side of the top screen. Overall 3D gaming depends on the game, keep in mind all of the games are available in 2D mode as well.


Games And Controls

Let’s start off with the controls first. The 3DS has a new circle pad, it allows you to move 360 degrees in a game. It can also be used for selecting stuff in a menu. It is above the Cross Pad. In Pilot Wings, using the “circle pad” makes it much easier to play the game. On the other side you have your A,B,X,Y buttons as well as your power button. Under the scree you have your select, home, and start buttons. Now it’s time for the games. First of all, the games will be the biggest problem for Nintendo, they cost around $40 a piece. If you can look past that thee are some pretty cool game out there. We have been testing out “Pilot Wings”, “Nintendogs +Cats”, and “Steeldiver”. You also have the pre-loaded AR games. Let’s start off with “PilotWings” is about being a pilot of different aircrafts. It is all about flight. There are 3 different aircraft’s, the plane, rocket belt, & hang glider. From inside the app there are 2 different modes. Those are Free Mode and the Mission Flight mode. Overall the the controls are quit self explanatory, you control it as if you were actual flying it. The rocket belt is the most difficult to fly. Nintendogs + Cats is a very nice game. It is about getting a dog or cat and taking care of it. In the beginning you are at the kennel were you chose your dog. From there you take him home and give him a name. Overall it is casual game that will keep you entertained. Now Steeldiver is by far my favorite game for the 3DS. You are in a submarine either destroying enemy ships or submarines. You can also make it more difficult by fighting them in a storm. Overall any person who likes games will surely be able to find one that they like on the 3DS.


OS – Operating System

The Nintendo 3DS OS, is super simple. It makes it very easy for the user to use it. It has a very simple home screen with some apps on it. The game cartridge you have in, will show up here. The cameras we spoke about earlier so up here. The 3DS camera apps is located here. The camera app is very simple, the worst part is that there is no way to share the photos from the device and that the photos are bad quality. However it should be fine for your kid if there using it. You also have settings were you can check for updates on the home screen. With the latest updated you get access to the Nintendo E Shop and the Web Browser. The E Shop is the 3DS’s app store. The Browser is where you can browse the web. By browsing the web, we main in it in a very basic way. Not much you can do with the browser. The E Shop prices are free at the lowest. This were it is trying to compare to the Android Market and other markets. Instead of $40 games, you can get em for around $5. This will hopefully make it appeal to more people. There is also a full health and safety guide pre-loaded on the device. If you have a young kid using the device we suggest you read through the health and safety guides. Overall the User Interface and Operating System will make the 3DS very easy to use.



The Nintendo 3DS battery is pretty bad. You get around 3-5 hours pert charge, so it could be better. Some 3rd party retailers offer extended battery connecters. The battery is the biggest issue with 3DS, most people want a gaming system that can last at least most the day on a full charge. This is where the Nintendo 3DS just doesn’t cut it.


Bottom Line

While the Nintendo 3DS falls short in many ways, it still is a good gaming system. For those who love the DS series they will be very willing to welcome the 3DS into there life. The price point is $250 and falls around the same place with the other DS system prices. However the game’s cost around $40 each, this means you will spend a lot of money on games. If your paying $250 for the system, the games should be a little cheaper. Overall if you are looking for a gaming system that does 3D and can look past the faults; The 3DS may be for you. You Can See Or Buy The Nintendo 3DS Here. We would like to thank Nintendo for providing us with a copy of the “Nintendo 3DS”.



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