Samsung Dart
Samsung Dart

The Samsung Dart is the new affordable Android phone on the T-Moible Network. While it may be small it has the power of any android phone. Now let’s get started with the full review on the Samsung Dart.



The Samsung Dart is a small phone it is meant for entry level buyers. It thickness is half an inch, weighs 3.8 ounces, and is 2.4 inches wide. Making for a small and compact Android phone. Keep in mind it is meant for a first time smartphone, so don’t expect it to be super high end. While the phone is mostly plastic, it does fit great in the palm of your hand. It has a 3 mega-pixel camera. It is running on T-Mobile’s 3G Network. The size of the screen is a 3.1 inch QVGA screen. It comes with a 2GB Micro SD card pre-installed but, it can hold up to a 32GB Micro SD card. It is running Android 2.2 Froyo. Overall the hardware on the device is good for an entry level phone.



The Samsung Dart runs on T-Mobiles 3G Network. Please keep in mind that Network Reception all depends on your area and how good the carriers coverage is in that specific area. Overall the phone call quality was crisp and clear. Whether it was on speaker or up to the ear. We were very impressed with the quality of the phone call. We conduct our speed-tests with the “SPEEDTEST.NET” mobile app. Our results our below.


-Download .72Mbps, Upload 1.06Mbps, Ping 106ms

-Download .53Mbps, Upload .74Mbps, Ping 90ms

-Download 1.79Mbps, Upload 1.09Mbps, Ping 109ms

-Download 1.00Mbps, Upload .95Mbps, Ping 107ms


As you can see our Speed-Test results are not the best but, they are also not the worst. Keep in mind we had around 3 bars during when we were doing the speed-tests. If T-Mobile’s 3G network is better in your area, then you should receive better results.


OS-Operating System

The Samsung Dart comes with Android 2.2 Froyo. It is a very simple OS to use. Samsung has made some slight differences to the OS, that makes the UI(User Interface) very easy to use, For instance it has Samsung’s Application folder. There are no extra wall-papers included on the phone. As you can see it is bare-bones Android that makes for a very easy OS to use. Also leaves the user with there own customization available. It also has Samsung’s great Camera App on it. However they have dumbed down the app a little bit, they decided not to include the on-baord camera effects. Overall the Operating System is great.


Bottom Line

The Samsung Dart is a perfect Smart-Phone for someone who is new to the Smart-Phone market. It is an entry level Smart-Phone. It has the basics that a phone needs, and more. The best part is that phone is free online. (When we wrote the review it was). The suggested retail on the phone is $249.99 so it is a steal. You Can See Or Buy The Samsung Dart Here. We would like to thank Samsung for providing us with a copy of the “Samsung Dart”.


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