The Gravity Smart is one of the newest phones on T-Mobile from Samsung. The Samsung Gravity Smart is the first smart phone in the Gravity Series from Samsung. It also has the messaging phone type feel, with Android added in there. There is a full photo gallery at the end. Now lets get started with the full review of the Samsung Gravity Smart.



The Samsung Gravity Smart is 4.6 inches tall by 2.2 inches wide, it is also .6 inches thick. The thickness is because of the slide out keyboard. The phone also weighs 4.6 ounces, making it a big phone. It comes in 2 colors Sapphire Blue(the one that we are testing) and Berry Red. The screen size is 3.2inches and has a resolution of 420×380. The phone is running Samsung’s Touch Wiz on top of Android. It adds a nice feel to the phone. There are 3 touch buttons below the screen they would be menu, back, and search. They are found on most Android phones. There is also a black button which wakes the phone from sleep and will take you to the home screen, it is a nice feature. On the left hand side of the phone we have our volume rocker and on the right side we the power/sleep button and your USB port. On the top you have your headphone jack. On the back you have your flash and 3 mega-pixel camera. When you remove the back cover you can find your battery, sim card, and micro SD. The phone can hold up to a 32GB sim card, but it comes with a 2GB out of the box. Now on to the keyboard, it is nice to have one. The on-screen keyboard can feel a bit crammed. There are no complaints regarding the slide out one. It works perfect and is good for texting or writing an email. The buttons are flush to the body but they do work. Some special features on the keyboard are the search, mail, internet, and a social network key. The social network key is set to Facebook by default.


Main Features

The Samsung Gravity Smart is running Android. One new feature is that in your contact list you can swipe over it to call or text them. This is a great feature to have in a phone. The phone comes preloaded with G-Mail, YouTube, Places, Maps, Search and you can download Google voice, Picasa and others. The best part is that you have access to the Android Market. However the phone does come pre-loaded with several apps, such as; a clock, calendar, calculator, task manager, and memo pad. They will come in handy for daily use. AIM, All Share, Tetris, UNO, & Bejeweled 2 come pre-installed. It also has Drive Smart which is an app that will send your texts and phone calls through your cars speaker system via Bluetooth, thus making it safer to drive. This will come in handy for anyone who likes using Bluetooth in there car. The Camera on the phone is ok, it may not read all colors correctly. Ah but, keep in mind it is only a 3 mega-pixel camera, not a 10. We did get some good shots though and it does use Samsung’s Camera app. There are a good amount of setting but, they did dumb it down a little bit. For instance you cant shoot the photo in sepia, you will have to edit it later. Overall the app is good.


Call Quality

The Samsung Gravity Smart is running on T-Mobile’s network. We don’t have the best signal were we are but we had around 3-4 bars during our tests. Please keep in mind that data and call quality/performance all depend on your area and T-Mobiles specific network strength in that area. Overall the call quality was ok, some static did appear on the call everyone once in a while. Speaker phone works well, the ear piece it self could be a little louder. Data speeds were ok, keep in mind it runs on there 3G network. So, if your area has good speeds it will be find for you. The battery last around 4 hours for talk and data usage. Overall the battery could be better. Keep in mind that it is a basic Android Messaging Phone.


Bottom Line

The Samsung Gravity Smart is a simpel Android Messaging Phone. The power of Android makes it a smartphone. It gives you access to the whole Android Market, you will be able to download almost any app out there. The phone itself retails for $69.99 with a 2-year contract or $249.99 with out a contract. You Can See And Buy The Samsung Gravity Smart Here. We would like to thank Samsung for providing us with a copy of the “Samsung Gravity Smart”.


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