Dell XPS 15 Review

Our friends over at Dell were kind enough to send us a Dell Laptop XPS 15 to review. My first thoughts when receiving the unit was sweet I get to see the new design of my current laptop a Dell XPS m1530!  I love my Dell XPS m1530!  I was disappointed when I opened the box and checked out the brand new XPS.  The whole laptop has been reshaped and I feel like it no longer has that top of the line sleek style design anymore.  Overall our first impression of the laptop was immediately put off comparing the physical look of the laptop to the older XPS line. Fortunately the actual performance of the unit changed our minds!

Laptop Style and Design

The outside of the laptop is disappointing when comparing this XPS to the older XPS line.  The XPS line was known to be top of the line for Dell performance and style wise. When looking at this laptop it resembles any new basic dell system.  It has the classic “Dell” Logo on the back of the screen casing and only a tiny “XPS” light on the back of the base of the unit.  The small “XPS” logo lights up telling when the computer is on.  Once you open up the laptop you see a nice light enhanced sleek keyboard.  I love the fact that the XPS remains to still have the stainless steel palm rest.  The stainless steel palm rest adds a very pleasant look and feel to the design of the laptop.  Another new feature compared to the older XPSs is the new touchpad, which is about two times as bigger than the older XPS M1530 that I have.  The touch pad measures around 2 inches by 3 inches with the two clickers.  Another unique difference is the trim around the computer is rounded giving the top of the laptop a nice smooth finish. Overall the inside design of this laptop is inviting; however the outside of the laptop is disappointing to any previous XPS user.

Features and Performance


This laptop is not your basic laptop as it is in the XPS line of systems Dell offers.  The unit that we tested was configured with an Intel Core i7 – 2720QM Processor able to clock up to 3.30 GHz, 6 GB of shared DDR3 memory ram, and a 640 GB 7200 RPM hard drive giving you plenty of power and space to store all of your files.  The configuration of the laptop made it extremely fast from booting up to running several different programs at that same time.  This laptop has a 15.6 inch HD TLF LCD display, making it a perfect size to use as a desktop laptop and to bring with you wherever it needs to.  It has a built in web cam, great for video chatting or just taking photos. The laptop also included a Blu-ray disc player + CD/DVD burner to read and write both CDs and DVDs.  The combination of HD LCD screen and Blu-ray disc player make this laptop astounding to watch movies on.  One additional feature to compliment both the screen and the blu-ray player found on this laptop is the inclusion of the JBL audio speakers and subwoofer built-in to the laptop.  Yes, that’s right a subwoofer located underneath the laptop!  The sound quality on this laptop is amazing making it that much better for gaming and watching movies on.  The inputs found on this laptop include 2 USB plugs, 1 HDMI plug, 2 Headphone Jacks, 1 Microphone Jack, 1 Power Input, SD Memory Card Reader, SATA E slot, Firewire Port and Ethernet Port. These all come in very handy for using the laptop.  All of these features combined together make for a great experience with this laptop.

Battery Life


The Dell XPS 15 battery life isn’t that great but decent for the performance it packs lasting only a little over three hours with use.  I am sure of it that the JBL audio setup with the subwoofer does lower the battery life, so if you are not blasting the audio while using the laptop I am sure of it that the battery will last a little longer.  It all depends on what you are mainly using it for, but expect around three hours of disconnected use.


Bottom Line


The Dell XPS 15 is hard to beat price for performance wise with the configuration tested.  Although older XPS users will be turned off by the new style of the laptop, the performance and JBL audio configuration of the new XPS 15 makes up for it big time.  The Dell XPS 15 comes in several preconfigured forms that offer a great deal for any buyer in the market for a new laptop that has great performance.  Once again thanks to Dell for allowing us to review such a great product.  Here is a link to Dell XPS systems, if you would like to purchase one of Dells great XPS systems .




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