The smartphone craze has led to the transfer of millions of GBs of data among devices every month.  For many unlimited data plans have saved smartphone users hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their phone bills every year.  Now more than ever due to overload and cost purposes mobile service providers have limited those unlimited data plans.

As announced by Verizon Wireless, this coming Thursday unlimited data plans for new smartphone customers will be unavailable.  This move has been awaited for awhile now as AT&T and T-Mobile USA, have already terminated their unlimited data plans and have already set monthly data plan limits.  Some companies still do offer unlimited data plans such as Sprint, however the future of unlimited data plans is dark.

The average new cost for data is around $20-$30 a month for a 2 GB limit.  2 GB of data is a reasonable amount of data for those who check a few websites, but costly for those who watch videos all the time.   The good news is that most people use less than 2 GBs of data a month.  Also if you have had an unlimited data plan as an existing customer, with many of the service providers, there is a great chance that you will be able to keep the unlimited data plan!


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