Well, we finally got our invite and to Google +. We have been playing around with it non-stop over the past couple of days, and now we have the full review. This is not Google’s first stab in making a Social Network, there was Buzz and Wave. They both did not go to well. Google + may be the one though, there is huge hype surrounding it and many are begging to get it. At first invites were sent out to a random number, of very lucky people. Google keeps the demand growing, so once it officially opens to everyone; They will all join in. Then they let people request an invite, and thats as far as we are now. However if you are already in, you can send out invites to others. There are some comparisons between Google + and Facebook/Twitter. However I feel this is expected, as it is a new Social Network, that is being built. It does have features that the other big networks don’t have and it doesn’t have some features that the big networks do have. Overall it drags you in, like i said before i have been on it non-stop. Now, let’s get started with the full review of Google +.


What Is Google +(Plus)?

Now it does look like it’s own thing, but does have similarities to other networks. There are 4 main parts, you have “Home, Photos, Profile, & Circles”. All of them are key parts to Google +. The Home screen is what you first open up to. On there you can your “stream”, this is the area were you can posts. There is also a “Welcome” button, on there it gives you a brief overview of Google +. It also highlights some of the main features. On the left hand side you have your, “Stream, Sparks, & Chat” button. Under stream you can select which “circles” you would like to see in your stream. Under “Sparks” you can search for and see your favorite interests. And “Chat” is were you can talk to your friends. In the middle you will see the posts from the people in your circles. At the top you can make your own post and choose who you would like to share with it. It gives you more privacy that Facebook or Twitter. You may not always want to let every single person see every post, some are just for certain people. This is nice to see that Google has added this feature. On the right hand side, you have “In Your Circles, Suggestions, Go Mobile, & Send Invites”. Under “In Your Circles” you can see all of your people in your circles. “Suggestions” will make suggestions for new people to add to your circles. “Go Mobile” so you the available options for using Google+ on your mobile device. Currently there is a Android OS App, with more Apps coming soon. There is a mobile version of site, you can use in the browser on the device. This works very nicely. On the Photos page, you can see your photos and the photos from the people in your circles. You can also upload photos from your phone. It is a nice way to view and share photos with your circles. Next up is your “Profile”, this place is all about you. It is similar to any other networks profile. You start out by filling your info about yourself. You can choose what circles are allowed certain information. It gives you a lot of privacy. You can see your posts, which is the posts that you make on Google +. Next to that you have the “About” section, this is were all of your info. Keep in mind that you can choose what is shown and what isn’t.  Then you have “Photos”, this stores all of your photos and photos you were tagged in. “Videos” shows the videos that you have uploaded. Would like to see it get connected to YouTub some day. Then you have “+1’s” this is equivalent to “liking” something on Facebook. You can like any of you search results on Google and anything on Google +. The next and final main component of Google + is “Circles”. This is all of the people you are friends with on Google +. You get 4 main circles with your account “Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Following”. You add your friends to these circles. They do not need to be on Google +, to be added to your circles. You can invite them to Google + if you like. Overall Google +(Plus) is Google’s take on a Social Network.


“Hangouts” and “Chat”

Hangouts is a great feature in Google +. It allows you to video chat with up to 10 people at once. You can invite people or people can stop by and join in on the fun. Privacy does work in that you can do it with all of your circles or just certain ones. So let’s say you want to just Hangout with one of your friends just make a new circle add that person to it, and have a 1 on 1 video chat with that person. It will allow you to connect with your friends. Facebook recently added the capabilities to Video Chat via a partnership with Skype. However it is not available for everyone. As long as you are in Google +, you can hangout. Overall this is the most social connection that you can make with others in Google +. Chat is just like Google Talk, expect with all of the people in all of your circles. You can start a Group Chat or go with a Single Chat. You can choose the chat to “go off the record”, meaning that it will not save this chat. You can block the person. And you can also send that person a File. It is like Hangouts except it is typing. It is similar to Facebook chat, but it comes with lots of new added features. Overall Chat is great way, to talk with your friends.


Bottom Line

Google +(Plus) is a new social network. You could even consider a “baby social network”, keep in mind it is Still A Field Trial. It has key components that are needed for a social network. It is also not crowded, this can be both a good and bad thing. You don’t want your Stream to be crowded, but you don’t want it to be swamped with others. There are still no Applications or Games, yet. Hopefully this will be added as Google + Grows. Overall, i would say that anyone who get’s an invite should give it a try. If your nervous about privacy on Social Networks, Google + gives you a lot of protection. You can hide your profile and do much more to keep your self safe. Hopefully these features will be taken on, by other networks. You Can Learn More About Google +(Plus), By Clicking Here. You Can Sign-Up To Get A Google +(Plus) Invite, By Clicking Here.


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