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Amazon Kindle Textbook Rental

As many of us know Textbooks can get very expensive. So some people use sites like “” or just get a digital copy, however prices can still be very expensive. Now, Amazon has the answer for all of us. You can now rent textbook for up to 80% off the price on your Kindle or Kindle Reading App. The rental periods will be anywhere from 30 days to 360 days. This will give you plenty of time to use them for your classes. You can choose to increase the rental of them by as little as one day, while reading them. If you decide that you would like to purchase the textbook, you can do that as well.  The Kindle Textbooks are “Rent Once, Read Everywhere”, meaning that once you rent it you can get it on any of the Kindle Reading Apps or on a actual Kindle. They are also special beucase of Amazon Whispersync Technology, this will allow you to keep all of your highlighted content and notes with you in the Amazon Cloud. So you will never lose them, as if when you buy a textbook you normally sell it when your done. Therefore you are losing all of the notes and highlighted info. This will come free with the service. Also, if you get the book at a later time again, the notes and highlighted content will appear right where you left them. You Can Find Out More Info About Amazon Kindle Textbook Rental, By Clicking Here. Overall, the service sounds great and will be very helpful to anyone who use’s textbooks. You can see the full Press Release from Amazon below.

Press Release

Students Can Now Save Up To 80% with Kindle Textbook Rental
Low rental prices and flexible rental periods of any length between 30 and 360 days
Margin notes and highlighted passages are stored in the Amazon Cloud for viewing anytime, anywhere – even after a rental expires
SEATTLE, Jul 18, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) –(NASDAQ: AMZN)–Today, announced the launch of Kindle Textbook Rental–now students can save up to 80% off textbook list prices by renting from the Kindle Store. Tens of thousands of textbooks are available for the 2011 school year from leading textbook publishers such as John Wiley & Sons, Elsevier and Taylor & Francis. Students can find details about the program at”Students tell us that they enjoy the low prices we offer on new and used print textbooks. Now we’re excited to offer students an option to rent Kindle textbooks and only pay for the time they need–with savings up to 80% off the print list price on a 30-day rental,” said Dave Limp, vice president, Amazon Kindle.Kindle Textbook Rental offers the ability to customize rental periods to any length between 30 and 360 days, so students only pay for the specific amount of time they need a book. Students can also easily extend any rental period in increments as small as one day or choose to purchase the book they are renting at any time.

“We’ve done a little something extra we think students will enjoy,” continued Limp. “Normally, when you sell your print textbook at the end of the semester you lose all the margin notes and highlights you made as you were studying. We’re extending our Whispersync technology so that you get to keep and access all of your notes and highlighted content in the Amazon Cloud, available anytime, anywhere – even after a rental expires. If you choose to rent again or buy at a later time, your notes will be there just as you left them, perfectly Whispersynced.”

Kindle Textbooks are “Rent Once, Read Everywhere” as they can be read across the most popular devices with free Kindle Reading Apps for PC, Mac, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android-based devices.

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