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Well, many other sites have done the same. We have seen it with Twitter for sure, t.co . I saw a commercial yesterday for the new Overstock.com short-link. That one is o.co . Google was just taking there time with getting it. They have decided on “g.co”. If you go to http://g.co/ , It states that it is an official Google link and that it should be trusted. It was also always take to you to a Google service, site or product. They also have an official link-shorter. You can visit that here: http://goo.gl/ . That will let your shorten links, it is similar to the service “bit.ly”. It is just Google’s version. I have a feeling that “http://g.co/“, will be used a lot with “Google +(Plus). You Can Also See Our Review Of Google +(Plus), By Clicking Here. Let us know if you start seeing “http://g.co/” on the web.

Google "G.co" Explanation-NJTechReviews
Google "G.co" Explanation

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