Microsoft Unveils The Explorer Touch Mouse

Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse
Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse

Today Microsoft announced the Explorer Touch Mouse. It has an advanced touch strip, that gives the mouse vertical and horizontal scrolling capabilities. You can navigate with a click, or a flick in any direction. It has BlueTrack Technology so the mouse can fit into any lifestyle. BlueTrack Technology gives it the power to be used on almost any surface. The mouse has up to 18 months of battery life with 2(two) AA batteries. This way you will not have to worry about changing them for a while, the battery life is very good. There are also five customizable buttons, this means you can make the mouse do certain things depending on how you set it up. There is a nano transmitter, that clips right under the mouse for quick and easy storage. When in use you can just plug it into the computer. It has 2.4ghz wireless connectivity, meaning that it will work quick and fast. It has a battery light indicator, this way you know when it needs new batteries or if it running low. It was built with an Ambidextrous design, so it is very comfortable in your hands. You Can Pre-Order The Explorer Touch Mouse, By Clicking Here. $49.95 is the suggested reatil price from Microsoft, but prices can vary. It will be hitting stores in September. Let us know if you decide to Pre-Order the Explorer Touch Mouse from Microsoft.