Yesterday BestBuy sent out an email to it’s Reward Zone Gamers Club Members! It announced that on September 12 2011, it will be getting a huge revamp. For starters you will start getting double points on “new game software, including digital content and accessories purchases”. There will also be a new paid-level, that is optional. It will cost you $14.99 per year, and you wil get Gamers Club Unlocked, the new level in Reward Zone Gamers Club. You’ll get new and better benefits. These benefits are, “A free subscription to @Gamer, the exclusive gaming magazine, 10% off all pre-owned software purchases, 10% bonus credit on trade-in software, & Reward Zone Gamers Club exclusive offers.”. So, it seems as if this upgrade will be worth it. As long as you are interested in gaming or if you are a gamer. Between now and September 11, 2011 you will continue to earn points and get rewarded. You can upgrade to Gamers Club Unlocked by visiting a BestBuy store. And if you’ve been a  loyal Gamers Club member, you will get “preview of the new club”. Meaning that for all of your purchases from June 1, 2011 you will get earn double points on all new software and accessories purchases. So, its seems worth it just to be in the gamers club. Let us know what you think of the revamp. Did you get the email?

NJTR Exclusive-BestBuy Revamps Reward Zone Gamers Club


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