Our friends over at Brita have sent us over a “Brita Grand Pitcher(Green)” to review. It is part of the NJTechReviews Go Green Series! The pitcher comes in 5 different colors; white, orange, green, violet, & red. This way you can get one that fits in with your style. The Brita Grand Pitcher (Any Color) retails for the price of $31.99 . Now let’s get started with the full review on the Brita Bottle.

Getting Started With Your Brita Grand Pitcher!

The Brita Grand Pitcher, is more complicated to set up than the Brita Bottle. However, Brita gives you step by step instructions on how to do so. You will first want to remove the “User Guide” and “Packaged Filter” from the reservoir. From there you will soak the filter in cold water for 15 minutes. During this time you should wash out the pitcher. This way it is safe and clean, thus making your water safe and clean. When these 2 steps are done, you can put the filter in. Make sure there is a tight seal with the Pitcher and the surface of the reservoir. This way no water will escape un-filtered. This is the only bad part, you will have to fill the pitcher, complete with water, 1 or 2 times before you can start using it. This is kind-of a waste of water, but you can use it for watering plants. Durring the first time some black carbon dust may appear, this is normal. After that you are free to re-fill your pitcher and enjoy the fresh-water from there.


Water Taste From The Brita Grand Pitcher

The Brita Grand Pitcher gives you a very clean taste of water. There is no after tastes at all. No chemical taste in the water either. It gives you a true experience of clean water. It is on a level with bottle spring water or the water you get from the cooler. Using the Brita Grand Pitcher will also help you go-green. Overall, the Brita Grand Pitcher gives you great tasting water.


Bottom Line

The Brita Grand Pitcher gives you great tasting and clean water. It is also a way to start going green. The Brita Grand Pitcher comes in 5 different colors. All of them are at the low price of only $31.99 . Keep in mind that the filters cost $7.99 for a 1-pack. The filter gets changed around every 2 months or 40 gallons. You Can Get Your Brita Grand Pitcher Here. You Can Get Your Replacement Filters Here. We would like to thank “Brita” for providing us with a copy of the “Brita Grand Pitcher”.



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