Our friends over at Sprint have sent us an HTC EVO 3D for review. It was expected to be Sprints best phone of the summer. It is the latest and greatest to HTC and Sprint’s line of the EVO Devices. It made a splash at CTIA, but was it worth all the hype? We will answer all this and more. Now let’s get started with the Sprint HTC EVO 3D Review.


Hardware And Software

The Sprint HTC EVO 3D is America’s First 3D Phone. A main part of the phone is the camera, it is the only thing not he back and it has camera controls on the bottom left side of the phone. The phone it self has a 4.3 inch Gorilla Glass 4.3-inch qHD capacitive touchscreen. At the top of the screen “HTC” and “Sprint” are etched into the screen. Under the screen at the bottom you have your standard Android buttons. Your Home, Menu, Back, & Search buttons. They will come in very handy when you are using the phone. Above the screen ,on the top, you have your ear piece and your 1.2 mega-pixel front facing camera. On the back of the phone is were you can start taking your own 3D photos and movies. It is the biggest thing on the back, they made sure that you could see it. It has dual 5 mega-pixel cameras and dual LED Flash. The edge around the 3D Camera is red aluminum, it adds some color to the phone. Your “volume rocker” is located on the left side of the phone. On the top of the phone you have your power/sleep button and the headphone jack. Finally on the right side of the phone you have your Mini USB Port. The color of the phone is black and has a sturdy and solid build to the phone. Some of the Specs on the HTC EVO 3D are, a  1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Proccessor, 1GB RAM, and a 8GB Micro SD Card. The phone is quite fast. It also has a dual mode GSM/CDMA radio. However Sprint is a GSM Network, so the CDMA part is no longer working. The 4G Speeds on the phone are fast, however speeds can be better or poorer depending on your location. One thing that was not the best, is that you have to scan for 4G Service. This comes after you turn the 4G network on. However if Sprint doesn’t have good 4G Network in your area, there are no worries as it work’s on Sprint’s 3G and 4G Network. Please keep in kind that speeds all depend on Sprints network in your area. Overall, the phone’s network works pretty fast. The Sprint HTC EVO 3D runs on Android 2.3 with HTC Sense running over it. HTC Sense adds some great things tot he Android OS. It allows for a lot more customization. Some people may not like it, however I personally love HTC Sense. It gives you more widgets and themes. If this is still not enough for you, just go over to the Android Market and download some more. Due to the fast processor the OS runs very smooth fast. There are some pre-loaded Apps, that some people may not like. However Sprint and HTC kept it down to a minimum. Some of the Apps that come are, Sprint NASCAR, Sprint radio, Sprint Mobile, Adobe Reader, Sprint Movies/TV, and many more. It also comes pre-loaded with some 3D apps like 3D Games. It comes with the Green Hornet pre-loaded. This uses HTC Watch to allow you watch the movie. It also has the 3D Version of Spiderman, Gamelofts popular game. So some of the Apps you may enjoy. Hopefully developers will start developing some 3D apps. Overall the Sprint HTC EVO 3D’s Hardware and Software are top-notch.



The main part of the HTC EVO 3D is that it is America’s First 3D Phone. The main 3D part is the camera on the back, dual 5 mega-pixel cameras and Dual LED Flash. This is the main 3D part of the phone. They can take 3D/2D photos and videos. Keep in mind that watching/looking at the 3D images/footage can hurt your eyes. For video recording the EVO 3D records in 720pHD at the highest. So because of the 3D part it lowers the spec of the camera recordings. So, overall the 3D part of the phone is a mixed bag. Some people may like it and others may not like it. Overall HTC and Sprint did a good job of bringing 3D for the first time in America to a phone.


Bottom Line

The Sprint HTC EVO 3D Review is a good phone. It may not be for everyone, but there is defiantly a large crowd of people who want it. The one main issues is that the 3D images/footage can be hard to look at, and at times it does hurt your eyes. But, if you can get past that it is a really great phone, that does things very very fast and smooth. If you are buying the Sprint HTC EVO 3D with a 2-year contract you can get it for $199.99, with out a contract it will cost you $549.99 . The phone comes in black. You Can Get The Sprint HTC EVO 3D, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank “Sprint” for providing us with a copy of the “HTC EVO 3D”.



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