Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS Price Cut Is Here; $249.99 Down To $169.99

On July 28th, Nintendo announced that the 3DS will be receiving a price cut. The price cut goes into full effect today, the 3Ds now will cost you only $169.99, the price used to be $249.99 . Nintendo’s Ambassador program also has ended today. The price drop was probably made for many reasons. One of those being pressure from Playstation’s yet to be available “Vita” system. Nintendo had to say this about the price drop, “For anyone who was on the fence about buying a Nintendo 3DS, this is a huge motivation to buy now,“. So, if you decided to wait for the 3Ds you may have made the right decision, you can now get the 3Ds for only $169.99 . For those of you who went out and got it on day one, the Ambassador program was Nintendo’s way of making things right. And 20 free games from the “eShop” isn’t to bad, as long as you signed up for it. Let us know if you go out and get your 3Ds, now that it is cheaper. You Can See NJTechReviews Full Review Of The Nintendo 3DS, By Clicking Here.


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