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Google Maps already lets you see were you are, directions, and much more. Knowing the weather is crucial part of traveling. Well know, Google Maps can tell you the weather. The weather feature is premiering today, it will be a layer on top of the map. It will show you the current temps. and conditions around the world. However you can turn the weather layer on or off, by going into the settings menu. When you are zoomed out you will see weather conditions from, they will be icons like the sun, clouds, and more. If you zoom in you can see if it’s night of day in that place. This is because of Google’s partnership with the US Naval Research Lab. If you click on the weather icon in the city, you can get a detailed forecast for that city. This will help if you are going on a trip and need directions and the weather forecast at the same time. Overall, it will be a great addition to Google Maps. You can see the introduction video below. You Can See Google\’s Full Announcement, By Clicking Here. Let us know what you think of the new service!

Get the weather in Google Maps


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