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HP TouchPad Get's A Major Price Cut (BestBuy Canada)

After HP announced that there discontinuing webOS, they have announced the price cuts. HP said that they got it right with the TouchPad, but i guess they didn’t. Considering there canceling after only 6(Six) weeks on the market. Wasn’t the best run for HP with the entire brand. The good part is you can get the TouchPad for made cheap, that is if you want a piece of technology that most likely won’t be getting any upgrades any time soon. Well, HP has sent all of there affiliates a memo, telling them to cut the price of the HP TouchPad. The 16GB TouchPad will go for $99 and the 32GB will go $149.99. The price cuts aren’t set to go live until August 20, 2011. Ah but, BestBuy Canada is already selling it for the new price. You Can See The Price Cut Of The HP TouchPad In Action, By Clicking Here, (BestBuy Canada). So, HP had a nice ride, but know there is no more webOS. Also, we have some news on the Pre 3. Apparently AT&T has sent out an internal memo saying the HP Pre 3 launch has been completely canceled. Please keep in mind that this has still not been confirmed but, we are waiting to hear back from HP and AT&T. We will report as soon as more info is known. If you wanted the TouchPad but, didn’t like the price now is the time to buy. Be sure to let us know if you decide to go for one. More info as it comes in.


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