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Our friends over at Samsung sent us a Sidekick 4G for review. It is the phone that all of the kids wanted, there were many different models. Now there is the Sidekick 4G, it adds new technology to a classic phone. It is also now being made by Samsung instead of Sharp. Samsung is very good at making great phones, and were happy to see them making another phone. Now let’s get started with the full review of the Sidekick 4G.



The Sidekick 4G has both a touch-screen and a full QWERTY Keyboard. The Sidekick 4g is 2.4 inches wide by 5 inches long and is 0.6 inch thick. The phone is mostly made out of plastic but, it does have some weight to it. It is the first Sidekick to have a 3.5-inch touch screen. The touch-screen make’s it much easier to use. The new slider on the phone makes it much easier to use. You don’t need to push it up all the way, it’s just one little push and it the screen goes all the way up. It sits at a slight angle when it is completely up. The QWERTY Keyboard is what makes this a Sidekick. It is one of the best Keyboards on a mobile phone. Some other features of the keyboard are the number row and dedicated keys for things such as emoticons and symbols. Overall, it makes typing much easier on the phone. It also allows you to create custom short-cuts which can help you use the phone much easier. Now, if you feel like using a virtual keyboard the Sidekick 4G has that as well. It has a virtual swype keyboard, like the one that is found on other Android devices. On the sides of the device you have your volume rocker, headphone jack, micro USB port, power/sleep button, and a camera button. The buttons aren’t placed in the best locations, depending on how you are holding the phone. While it shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t get the phone, we recommend you test it out first. That way you know if you can use it. On the back you have a 5 mega-pixel camera. In the box it come with the SideKick 4G, a micro USB cable, charger, pre-installed 2GB micro SD card, and pamphlets on the phone. The phone comes in pearl magenta or matte black. Overall, the hardware on the Samsung Sidekick 4G is great.



The other Sidekick’s didn’t have a touch screen, so it had a simple operating system to it. The Sidekick 4G had to make it self appeal to a new market. So, the Sidekick 4G has Android 2.2.1 on it. Now, on top of the OS(Operating System) you have Samsung and T-Mobile’s custom Kick UX interface. It adds something to the phone. It makes the phone appeal to the younger users, who want the Sidekick. We have not seen the Samsung and T-Mobile’s custom Kick UX interface, on any other phone but the Sidekick 4G. It makes the Sidekick 4g special and has it appealing to a certain age group. There is a lot of customization that can be made, for starters you can customize 7(seven) different home screens and themes. One of the best features is the multifunctional lock screen. This allows you to have certain apps or features open up, depending on how you slide to open the phone. This is a great feature, that could come in handy on almost any phone on the market. The apps are also organized differently than most Android phones. Instead of a long list of Apps that you scroll down, the apps are on several different pages, that you can swipe back and forth between. It makes it much easier to organize your apps, than just having one big list. Not everyone will like Samsung and T-Mobile’s custom Kick UX interface but, it will definitely work for those who it was meant for. Keep in mind that the SideKick 4G is meant for kids and teenagers, and the theme is definitely right up their ally. The theme and the phone it self make it a great design for kids and teenagers but, of course who say adults can have fun with the SideKick 4G. Overall, the software on the SideKick 4G is great!


Bottom Line

The Sidekick 4G is a good phone. It will do a very good job at appealing to kids and teenagers. It has some great specs and the Samsung and T-Mobile’s custom Kick UX interface really is the icing on the cake for this phone. It is a great phone and we would recommend to anyone who wants a good phone with a great keyboard. The SideKick 4G goes for $99.99 with a 2-year contract or $399.99 with out a contract. You Can Get More Info Or Buy The Samsung SideKick 4G, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank “Samsung” for proving us with a copy of the “Samsung SideKick 4G”.


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