Well, many of you have probably felt it. We felt at around 1:55PM EST, today an earthquake. It was string of them that struck the entire US. Our main office shook for a good amount of time, but then it passed. Colorado got hit with a 5.3 earthquake. Most likely we felt the one that came from the Virginia/DC Area. That one was a 6.0 earthquake in Virginia. That one was felt up and down the entire east coast. The White House, Capitol, & Pentagon were all evacuated because of the quake in Virginia. One of the major effects besides all of the shaking, is that many Cell Service is out. At least on the Eastern Coast. There is a major phone name on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, and it’s not just cell phones it is landlines too. We are seeing he effects on our cell phones and landlines, we are seeing it more on cell phones though. We will update as more info comes in.


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