One of the most awaited phones of the year, has been giving us hints. There have been leaked ads and other walk-through of the Motorola Droid Bionic. Well, today it made an appearance on Motorola’s Site. As, you can see it will be running on Verizon’s insanely fast 4G LTE Network, a dual-core 1GHz processor, 4.3 qHD screen, recording in 1080p HD, and much more. Overall, it has grown a large following and many people are waiting for it. There is also a “@DroidBionic” Twitter account, while it is not yet confined. It is only following 3 other people; those accounts are @DroidLanding, @VerizonWireless, & @Motorola. These reasons are making us believe that it is the official account. However it has still not be confirmed, we will update when more info on that is available.¬†You Can See @DroidBionics Twitter Account, By Clicking Here.¬†Keep in mind that the Droid Bionic page has been taken off of Motorola’s Web Site. It was most likely a leak, and it as not supposed to be posted yet. We will update when more info is known.


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