One of the most awaited phones of the year, has been giving us hints. There have been leaked ads and other walk-through of the Motorola Droid Bionic. Well, today it made an appearance on Motorola’s Site. As, you can see it will be running on Verizon’s insanely fast 4G LTE Network, a dual-core 1GHz processor, 4.3 qHD screen, recording in 1080p HD, and much more. Overall, it has grown a large following and many people are waiting for it. There is also a “@DroidBionic” Twitter account, while it is not yet confined. It is only following 3 other people; those accounts are @DroidLanding, @VerizonWireless, & @Motorola. These reasons are making us believe that it is the official account. However it has still not be confirmed, we will update when more info on that is available. You Can See @DroidBionics Twitter Account, By Clicking Here. Keep in mind that the Droid Bionic page has been taken off of Motorola’s Web Site. It was most likely a leak, and it as not supposed to be posted yet. We will update when more info is known.


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