Samsung Mobile’s Major Product Announcement is tonight! We will be running a live-blog throughout the whole thing! They are expected to be announcing the Galaxy S II. This phone is already extremely popular Overseas, and many people have been awaiting its arrival in the US! And considering “II” is on the invite we are almost positive that US Version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will be announced tonight! Keep in  ind that due to Hurricane Irene the event was moved to tonight instead of happening on August 30! Check Back Here Starting At 6:00PM EST For Our Live Blog Of Samsung’s August 30 Media Event!

Samsung has sent out invites to there next media event. The invite reads, “Please join Samsung Mobile for a major product announcement in New York,”. The key words there would be “Major Product Announcement”. Most likely Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy SII, one of the most awaited smartphones of this year. Also if you look at the bottom of the invite you can see the big “II”, so we are almost positive that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy SII. The Galaxy SII may also be launching on many carriers at once, this may be why Samsung has not invited any carries to the event. They have decided to run it by themselves, with no carriers said to be attending. Of course Samsung could have carriers at the event, of course this would be unannounced as of now. Overall August 29, 2011 will be a big day for Samsung Mobile. More info as it comes to us.


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