A week after the TouchPad frenzy that wiped out HP’s entire inventory on its low selling TouchPad’s today the company that killed off WebOS has decided to make more TouchPad’s. Today, the world’s leading PC distributor has announced that in their coming weeks their TouchPad will be back on sale with limited quantities. This will be the last production run so if you do not get a TouchPad after they are sold out, then there will be no more opportunities to purchase one. On August 19 a day after announcing that they will be discontinuing their WebOS products HP slashed the prices on their tablet from $499 to $99 for their 16 GB tablet and from $600 to $150 on their 32 GB tablet. This liquidation sparked a mad rush and interest in buying a touchpad. Hours after being put up for sale at this price retailers were sold out. Now because of the high demand HP decided to construct more of them. Even though WebOS will not receive support from HP for software updates and more apps it is still a great product that can be use for viewing and taking pictures, surfing the internet, checking and email, and using it as a multimedia device. Days after the sale of the discounted TouchPads hackers found a way to put Android on the device. To be notified on when the TouchPad’s are available go onto HP’s website and sign-up for a notification via email on when the tablet will be available.


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