Moore’s Law has held for over 45 years. The law is really a prediction about the trend that technology, more specifically transistors, under go overtime.  It states that every two years, a transistor becomes 50% the size of what is was 2 years ago. Transistors are the basic building blocks of a computer’s CPU, the chip the does the calculations for electronic devices. Of course, this law is little more than a self-fulfilling prophecy as engineers often try uphold the law. The constant decrease in size of transistors is what has allowed personal computers from ones the size of a house to tablets from bulky desktops. Current transistors are as small as 2-10 nanometers, or a 2-10 billionths of a meter. Transistors may not be able to become much smaller. In a few years, the size of a transistor will have to be the size of an atom if Moore’s law holds true. While engineers and scientists are continuing in the quest for the ever smaller transistor, a dead end will probably be reached. When that happens, our computers will stop getting faster every year and maybe we can own a computer for more then 3 years before it becomes obsolete.


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