NJTechReviews was at Lenovo’s Fashion Night Out at Saks Fifth Avenue. There we had a chance to check out the Lenovo U300s and now we have the Hands-On video for you. You can see our Hands-On below. We give you a brief overview of the U300s and some of its best features. The U300s is very thin and you can see it in the video. It also has the special breathable keyboard which allows them to eliminate the most of the vents, normally found on a laptop. It also has multiple ports that, will allow you to concoct many of the devices you use on a everyday basis. Overall, we were very impressed with the Lenovo U300s. We will back with a full review on the Lenovo U300s in the upcoming months but, for know we have the NJTechReviews Lenovo U300s Hands-On.

Lenovo U300s Hands-On NJTechReviews


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