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Today BMW Unveiled the HUSQVARNA CONCEPT E-go, It is an electric motorcycle. It is the bike for the young riders of the future. It is extreme, light and streamlined. It is the Husqvarna’s approach to the electric motorcycling world of today. It will be a bike for Urban Commuter who want all of the features of the Husqvarna machine has to offer. It weighs only 80 Kilograms, it has an innovative design that is taken from the newest Husqvarna models, such as the new striking side panels. The battery support is made is out of aluminum, the seat is self-supporting, and the frame and piping is made from steel. It is a single seater, like the other BMW Husqvarna’s. BMW says that urban traffic will seem like a video game, and it will be fun and easy to skillfully negotiate. It is young commuting in a new dimension. The Husqvarna Concept E-go seems like a great electric motorcycle. We do not have pricing or availability, but keep in mind that it is a concept. We will update when we have more info but, in the mean time check out the Press Release Below.

Press Release




Husqvarna’s Concept  E-go bike for the young riders of the future

Husqvarna Concept E-go. Extreme, light, streamlined. This is Husqvarna’s approach to today’s electric motorcycling world. Urban commuting for first-time bikers who can have all the attractive features that a Husqvarna machine boasts: an explosive mix of road, off-road and supermotard experiences.

Only 80 kg of pure exhilaration, with an innovative design inspired and derived from the latest Husqvarna models, with features such as the striking side panels that makes this bike clearly a member of the Husqvarna family.

The  Concept E-go is Husqvarna’s solution to electric motorcycling and how to enthuse the young generation to the spirit of riding and freedom. Change is inevitable, and Husqvarna is ready, with an advanced technological concept and a highly personal design.

The  Concept E-go also boasts exclusive technical innovations such as the “ single sided double leg fork” , with 35 mm of  inner tube and the aluminium single side swing arm.

The battery support is also constructed from aluminium, the frame and oval piping is made from steel, while the seat is self-supporting.

The Concept E-go is a single-seater, because that is the Husqvarna way. Undiluted fun, dynamism and an ecologically-friendly philosophy combined for the first time in an electric powered two-wheeler.

Short and compact, on the Concept E-go, urban traffic will seem like a videogame that will be fun and easy to skilfully nE-gotiate.

Young commuting in a new dimension – Husqvarna Concept E-go


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