Have you ever purchased the prestige edition for a Call of Duty game? Well for the upcoming title Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 there will not be one available for purchase. This has been confirmed by creative strategist Robert Bowling via his twitter account. In the past two Call of Duty titles there has been a prestige edition. In Call of Duty modern Warfare 2 there was a limited edition there was night vision goggles. In Call of Duty Black Ops there was a remote controlled rc-xd car. If you still want something extra with your purchase you will still be able to purchase a hardened edition which includes the Modern Warfare 3 disc with unique disc art, a 1-year Call of Duty Elite subscription, a special Founder’s Status on Call of Duty elite, collectible steel book case, a limited edition field journal which includes entries and pictures, and depending on whether you have a PS3 or XBOX360 you will get a suit for your avatar. The hardened edition will retail at $99.99. Whether or not they had a hardened edition you will still receive a game and that is what matters the most.


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