Over the course of this weekend, the Maker Fair in New York has taken in place in the New York Hall of Science. The fair is a day of fun and exposure to interesting, cool devices.  This event, annual in selected cities (New York, Detroit, Toronto, and Bay Area)  across North America, is a place for Makers to showcase their projects. Makers or DIYers are people who like building and tinkering with anything from microprocessors to knitting. This community has been responsible for many innovations such as the personal computer. The 2011 Maker Fair of New York boasted events and projects such as a fire breathing dragon, 3-D printers, rockets, electric powered tank skateboard and more. The picture in this article is a sculpture called Brain drop built by Kate Raudenbush. Although the Maker faire has come to a close for this year, the community of DIYers continues on online and through meetings around the country.


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