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Sprint and Google have both confirmed that Google Wallet for the Nexus S 4G is here, You Can See Our Article On The Announcement, By Clicking Here. Well they said that in order to use Google Wallet you have to get the latest Software Update. Samsung has just released a new update for the Nexus S 4G. The New GWK74 software update includes:

Software Update (GWK74) Details

  • Google Security Fixes
  • Google Wallet

As you can see it includes “Google Wallet“, in the update. Many people will enjoy Google Wallet because it makes everything easier. It is a OTA (Over The Air) Software Update, so you can do it right from your Nexus S 4G. Be sure to let us know if you update your phone. We will update when more info is out.



    • It should be available as an Over-The-Air Update, just keep in mine that it may take a while for it to get pushed/sent out to everyone. It is Android 2.3.7, keep trying you will get it eventually.
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