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Our friends over at LG have sent us a LG Thrill 4G for review! It is a glasses free 3D phone, the 2nd one in america. The HTC EVO 3D launched earlier this year. However the LG Thrill 4G will only cost you around $100. It’s not just the glasses free 3D feature that makes the LG Thrill 4G great, it has many other features that make it great also. Now, let’s get started with the full review on the LG Thrill 4G.



The LG Thrill 4G features a 4.3-inch 800 x 480 display, the display also gives it the glasses free 3D. On the front top of the phone you have the LG Logo, the earpiece, and your 1.3 mega-pixel front-facing camera. On the bottom of the front you have your regular Android buttons. On the left hand side you have your Micro USB port and the mini HDMI port. On the top of the phone you have your sleep/unlock button and your headphone jack. On the right hand side you have your volume rocker and the 3D camera/camcorder button. On the back you have your Stereoscopic Cameras, flash, speaker, and the AT&T Logo. The LG Thrill 4G weighs 5.93 ounces, and is only .47 inches thick. Inside the LG Thrill 4G you have a 1GHz Processor, 512MB of Ram, 1,500mAh battery, microSD card slot, and AT&T Sim Card slot. The hardware in the LG Thrill 4G does a great job at getting the job done!


Software Android 2.2 Froyo

The LG Thrill 4G ships with Android 2.2 Froyo. AT&T promises to bring Android 2.3 Gingerbread to its smartphone line up by the end of 2011. Hopefully the Thrill 4G update will come soon. LG has also installed it’s custom User Interface(UI) on the phone as well, as some pre-loaded apps. The LG UI(User Interface) makes the phone very easy to use. You have the option of using the regular Android Keyboard or the LG Keyboard. The LG Thrill 4G comes preloaded with apps like, 3D Space, 3D Guide, Amazon Kindle, AT&T U-Verse, My AT&T, Qik Lite, Yellow Pages, AT&T Code Scanner, AT&T Family Map, AT&T Navigator, Polaris Office, 3D Games, and many more. Some may consider these apps bloat-ware, others may enjoy using them. The choice is yours, if you don’t like them you can easily take them off. You also have Twitter for LG, Facebook for LG, LG Weather Widget, and many other widgets that make your experience with phone much easier. Overall, besides these changes the OS(Operating System) is pretty much stock. The changes that were made make the phone much easier to use and to enjoy.


3D- Display And Camera

The LG Thrill 4G features a glasses-free-3D screen and a 3D Camera. Let’s start off with the 3D display. There is a 3D button on the right hand side of the phone. If you push that while not in the camera app, it will open up “3D Space”. 3D Space gives you different 3D apps, it is displayed in a carousel format that makes it look like it is popping out of the screen. Your different choices are , 3D Games & Apps, 3D Guide, YouTube 3D, 3D Gallery, and 3D Camera. This is not available on the one other 3D phone in America, the HTC EVO 3D. So, if you want an easy way to access all of the 3D experience you will want to go with the LG Thrill 4G. Now, lets talk about the 3D camera. It works int he normal camera app, meaning that you switch between a 2D photo or a 3D photo. When in the camera app, if you hit the 3D button on the side of the phone it will switch either the camera/camcorder into 3D mode. This way you can take either 3D video or photos in a very easy way. Overall, the 3D images that you take are pretty cool, just keep in mind that it may hurt some people’s eyes. Recording in 3D video is also very good on the LG Thrill 4G. It shoots 3D in 720pHD, so it is the same quality as a 2D smart phone. Expect for the main thing being that it is in 3D. The 3D video on the LG Thrill 4G can be a little choppy at times but, overall it is pretty good quality for 3D video. You can see our 3D Video Test Below. Keep in mind that it is in 3D so you will need a 3D screen or some type of 3D Glasses to view it properly.



2D Camera

Being that the LG Thrill 4G has a 3D camera, you can infer that the 2D camera may not be as good. While the quality of the photos are good, it may not be as good as some of the other phones on the market. It uses the 5 mega-pixel camera on the back. If you are in direct sun light taking the photo, it may appear to be a little washed out. It does perform best when it is not that bright out, but either way you will get a decent or good photo. The camera features the main setting you would see on any other phone. You have your Focus, Image Size, Scene Mode, White Balance, Color Effect, Timer, Shot Mode, Image Quality, Auto Review, Shutter Sounds, Tag Location, and Storage. So, it will give you a plenty full of options to help make your photos better.


Bottom Line

The LG Thrill 4G is one powerhouse of a phone. If you are interested in being able to take 3D photos and to use 3D apps on the screen, the Thrill 4G is defiantly for you. It has a 1GHz Processor and 512MB of Ram, which makes the phone lighting fast. It is running on AT&T’s great network. The price tag is not that bad for a feature-packed smartphone, at only $100 with a 2-year contract it is a great deal. Without a contract it will cost you $449.99 . We would recommend to anyone looking for a 3D smartphone or a feature-packed smartphone. You Can Get The LG Thrill 4G, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank LG for providing us with a copy of the “LG Thrill 4G”.


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