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Our friends at MOG have sent us a review copy of there MOG Primo service. It is a music streaming service, they offer a new free plans and 2(two) plans that cost money. There are a lot of different providers for the service of streaming music on demand, and many people are saying that MOG is the best. We will answer that questions in the NJTechReviews review of MOG Primo.


Overview Of MOG Primo

MOG Primo is MOG’s most expensive plan and it also gives you the most things to do. MOG Primo costs $9.99 a month. For starters you can listen to Unlimited Music and you have No Ads. You can listen to MOG from your Web Player, Desktop Player, Mobile Phones, Roku, Sonos, and LG Internet Connected TV’s. So there are many ways to use MOG. On the Mobile you get Unlimited Downloads, this means you can save your favorite music to your phone, for offline listening. Meaning you don’t need an internet connection to listen to your favorite saved musics. You get access to over 11 Million Songs, this number is growing every day. All of this make’s MOG a true competitor in the Music Streaming Service.


Web Player User Interface

You can get MOG from your browser, desktop applications, streaming players, and on your mobile phone! To use the browser one, all you need is access to the internet. MOG gives you access to over 11 Million songs, and it is growing. The Browser program is very easy to use. In the top left hand corner you have your music controls; pause/play, forward and backward. On the right hand side you have your search bar and your drop down settings bar. In the middle of the screen you have your “New Releases”, “Editor Picks”, and “Charts”. In the left hand side bar you have your “Play Queue”, “Browse(home screen)”, “My Favorites”, and “My Playlists”. It is a very easy interface to use. When you click on a song it will start playing it, your song controls will appear at the top of the screen. Its fits in to the whole design of the music service. You have the option of making the window full screen, this way you can experience MOG in its full potential. You also have the option of listening to that certain artists or bands radio. This will just play all of their music that MOG has for as long as you want. Overall, the User Interface gives you hundreds of capabilities that you can use to make your listening experience even better.


Bottom Line

While there are many different competitors in the Music Streaming market, do not count MOG Primo out of the game. It offers some features that the others do not. Some that may make or break the deal for you. Either way MOG Primo is a great service. We would recommend MOG Primo to anyone looking for a great Music Streaming Player. MOG Primo goes for $9.99 a month, if you want something a little cheaper they offer other plans as well. You Can Get Your Subscription To MOG Primo, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank MOG for providing us with a copy of “MOG Primo”.



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