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Our friends over at Verizon have sent us the HTC Trophy for us to review. It was the first and is the only Windows Phone on Verizon’s Network. It is a Global Ready-Smartphone, meaning that you can use it overseas. That is where Verizon overseas coverage is available. Now, let’s get started with the full review of the HTC Trophy.


Hardware And Design

The Verizon HTC Trophy is not the biggest phone in the world. The HTC Trophy is 4.67 inches tall by 2.42 inches wide by 0.47 inch thick, and weighs only 4.94 ounces. This makes it a thin and light, and very attractive. the color of the phone is black and on the front of the phone you have an aluminum out line. On the back you have your Windows Phone logo, HTC logo, Speaker, 5 mega-pixel camera with a LED Flash. If you take the back cover off you will see that the inside is painted Verizon Red. Even the battery and the speaker have red on them. If you take the battery out, you will find the Verizon Global Sim Card.  On the left hand side of the phone you have your volume rocker and on the right hand side you have your Camera Button. On the top of the phone you have your headphone jack and the sleep/unlock button. On the bottom of the front of the phone you have your Windows Phone buttons, which are back, windows, and search. The HTC Trophy has 3.8inch WVGA 480×800 resolution display. The touch screen is great, and is very touch responsive. Even though the screen is smaller than others the keyboard is great! It has 16GB of storage on the HTC Trophy. It has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 568MB of RAM. Making the HTC Trophy a very fast phone! The HTC Trophy also has a 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery. Overall, the HTC Trophy’s design and hardware works great and is one of the best phones on the market.



The HTC Trophy has a 5 mega-pixel autofocus camera. The picture quality, really depends on the type of conditions you are in. It is not the best quality from a 5 mega-pixel camera. But, it will get the job done. If it is directs sunlight, the photo will be washed out a little. It also records in 720pHD quality, but it is not the best quality out there. There are some options that you can use to make your photos better, but you will not get the greatest photo ever with the HTC Trophy. You can see our Video Camera Test of HTC Trophy below. Overall, the cameras on the HTC Trophy are not the best but, they do get the job done.


Bottom Line

The HTC Trophy is Verizon’s only Windows Phone. While it does get the job done, there is always room for improvement. The main area for improvement is with the camera. It features a 1GHz Snapdragon Processor which makes it very fast, you will not be slowed down when using this phone. The Windows Phone OS(Operating System) is still great and combined with HTC Hub makes it even better. We would recommend the HTC Trophy to anyone looking for a simple smartphone, that can do some complex things.The HTC Trophy goes for $99.99 with a 2-year contract or $429.99 with out a contract. You Can Get The Verizon HTC Trophy, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank Verizon for providing us with a copy of the “Verizon Wireless HTC Trophy”.


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