Did you know that Verizon Wireless offers free Workshops? Well they do, and they are wildly popular and growing very fast. These workshops are were you can get more info on everything about your Phone and you can ask questions that are on your mind about it. It is making Verizon Wireless Customer’s more tech savvy. These workshops are held in Verizon Wireless Stores and online. The best part is that the Workshops are free! The Workshops started in April and more that 28,00 Customers have participated in both the Online and In-Store Workshops. Verizon Wireless Data Experts and Sales Representative run the workshops, they are trained in almost all of Verizon’s Devices and the Operating System’s that they are running. The In-Store Workshops are between one and two hours long. The online workshops are mainly in English but, some of the workshops are available in Spanish as well. For more info on Verizon Wireless Workshops, go to this site , , or visit any Verizon Wireless Stores. You can also check out the video below that explains what the Workshops are, be sure to check that out. You can also see the Press Release below, we will be back with more info on this great new service very soon!

Press Release

Verizon Wireless Workshops Popular, Growing Fast

Thousands of Customers Attend Free Online and In-Store

Workshops; Online Q&A Sessions Also Available 

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Oct. 6, 2011 — Whether upgrading to their first smartphones, switching to new devices, or looking for more information about specific operating systems, thousands of Verizon Wireless customers are getting answers to their questions and becoming more savvy about new technology at Wireless Workshops being held in company stores around the United States.

A growing number of customers are attending the free workshops, which are growing in number as well to meet demand.  More than 28,000 customers have participated in the workshops (both online and in stores) since they started this past April.  Customers can attend the workshops in-person at Verizon Wireless Communications Stores or online

“We are pleased to see so many customers enjoying and getting great benefits from the Wireless Workshops,” said John Stratton, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Verizon Wireless.  “The sessions provide real value for our customers who gain a better understanding of how their devices can become an even more important tool that adds value in their day-to-day lives.  Our goal is to continue to make the Verizon experience the very best in wireless.”

The workshops are led by Verizon Wireless’ own specially trained data experts and sales representatives who are steeped in the details of all operating systems on smartphones, tablets and the variety of other devices on sale at Verizon Wireless stores and run between one and two hours in length.  In addition to in-store workshops, the company offers many of the same workshops online in English as well as some in Spanish on-demand at

Customers can also attend live online Q&A sessions where Verizon Wireless representatives answer participants’ questions about devices and operating systems.  A list of upcoming online Q&A sessions is available on the Wireless Workshops website.

Customers interested in attending a Wireless Workshop in-person may register online at visit a nearby Verizon Wireless Communications Store for more information.  Visitors to the site will find a list of participating stores in their area as well as the schedule for each location. For a sneak peak at a Wireless Workshop, visit the Verizon Wireless Multimedia Library at, or the Verizon WirelessTV channel on YouTube™


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