On October 19, 2011, a proton rocket will lift off the ground in Kazakhstan and carry its payload into space. The payload will be the ViaSat-1 satellite, costing $400 million, with a weight of approximately 7 tons. The satellite is the latest and fastest technology in satellite broadband access, with speeds of up to 140 Gbps and a expected service lifetime of 15 years. Its service area will be that of the continental united states, for users of the ViaSat’s internet satellite service. The mobile broadband will not only be useful on the ground through Wildblue and Xplornet, but also in the air. As early as 2012, satellite internet service may be available on certain flights on Jetblue and Continental Airlines through the ViaSat satellite. Because of the highspeed of access which the satellite will provide, it will serve as competition to not only other satellite internet providers but maybe even non-satellite internet providers. The ViaSat-1 satellite may mark the beginnings of a new trend in internet access. 


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