Samsung Opens A Pop-Up Store In Australia - NJTechReviews

Samsung, has opened a “Pop-Up Galaxy S II Store” in Australia. Now, as many of you know Samsung’s Flag Ship device is the Galaxy S II. This store is great because, the first 10(Ten) People through the door ,until Friday, can get a Samsung Galaxy S II for only $2.00 . This is a crazy amazing deal, for an amazing phone. The catch here is that it is only for the first 10(ten) people who walk in to the store, so many people will be waiting there over night ever night up until Friday to catch this amazon deal! Maybe the success of its pop-up store will cause them to open up these in the US and give us the same great deal. We will just have to wait and see. Let us know if you are one of the lucky people who took advantage of the $2.00 Samsung Galaxy S II Deal.


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