Our friends over at Jawbone have sent us a Jambox for us to review. It is a wireless speaker, that is very small and still produces great sound! We have put the Jambox to the test and will let you know if it is worth it. Now, let’s get started with the full review of the Jambox!

Setup And Features

The Jambox comes ready to go out of the box. It can instantly stream music, movies, phone conversations, apps, and games from any Bluetooth device. All you have to is simply pair the device with the Jambox. To put Jambox into Pairing mode simply turn the unit on and then push the power button again. Then it will go into pairing mode and you can connect to it from your Bluetooth device. It is very simple to set up, meaning that almost anyone can use it. The Jambox has 3.mm stereo out put and micro USB port that is for charging only. On the top of the unit you have your 3 buttons, your control button, volume up button, and your volume down button. You can also control it from your device. The Jambox is completely wireless, so you are no longer held back by cords and wires. Jambox is one-stop stereo speaker, that will provide you with excellent audio.

Sound Quality And Portability

The Jambox can get very loud, it’s size is very deceiving. The Jambox may be small, but it can very loud. Jawbone developed a sound technology that works just with the Jambox. This is what gives the Jambox such good sound. When you first turn on the Jambox, it lets you know that it is up. It plays a loud deep rumble and when it turns off it fades out. The Jambox speakers is great when considering it size. However the one area it lacks ,a little bit, is in bass. It can only pump out so much base because of its size, however it does have some bass. But, hopefully in future models they will work on making that better. The Jawbone can also get very loud, most people do not expect this after seeing it’s size. Since the Jambox is just six inches in length, it makes it super portable. It also built tough, and can withstand the normal wear and tear. It has rubber on the top and stainless steel grille on all other sides. I make’s it one tough speaker, that produces great sound.

Bottom Line

The Jambox is a great portable speaker. The Jambox is very small, which makes it extremely portable. However, it size does not control it’s sound. The Jambox can get very loud and has very good sound. It is available in 4(four) stylish colors, Black Diamond, Blue Wave, Red Dot, and Grey Hex. While the bass is not the best, the rest of its features defiantly make up for it. We would recommend to anyone who is looking for a super portable speaker, that has great sound for its size! The Jambox is available direct from Jawbone for only $199.99 . You Can Get You Jambox, By Clicking Here. We Would Like To Thank Jawbone For Providing Us With A Copy Of The “Jambox Speaker”.


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