Well, the event doesn’t happen until 10PM EST Tonight, but if you search for the Galaxy Nexus on Samsung.com is does come up with it. That means that we have an official leak. The link for the page on the “Galaxy Nexus” is not up yet, but should go live later this evening. As you can see in the Screen Shot above, it does say:

Galaxy Nexus

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You can see the search result here: Samsung.com . We have seen other images of the Galaxy Nexus running the same background with the same apps. It has the same Rainbow Background. It is expected to have a dual-core processor and great screen. Hopefully it will have a Super AMOLED display, and one of the great Samsung Cameras with the LED Flash. It also, looks pretty thin as you cans ee from the photo above. Ah but, we will find out for sure tonight. We will update you as soon as the news breaks. Comment below with your thoughts on the “Samsung Galaxy Nexus” from “Verizon”.


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