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Our friends over at 2K Sports have sent us NBA2K12 for us to review. It is one of the years most anticipated games of the season. And past NBA2K games have been rated the best basketball video game on the market. Is that still true for NBA2K12? We will find out in our full review. Now, let’s get started with the full review of NBA2K12 for the Xbox 360.


Graphics and Presentation

NBA2K12 improves many different things from previous versions of the game, including the graphics. The players, stadium, and crowds looks very lifelike. Let’s start off with the players, they look very life-like. From they way they move to the way that they are designed, they look much more accurate than in pervious versions. Most of the face do not look weird, but they do look like the actual players. The players on the bench and in the crowd, now act and respond to what is actually happening in the game. It makes it much more realistic. The same goes for the people in the crowd, you can see the hometown fans get up and cheer as your home town team scores the winning shot! The mascots look and do the same various crowd energizing moves, that they do ion real life. All of this makes the game much more realistic. While playing the game you will notice the stadiums, and how they look almost exactly like the ones in real life. This bring the game play to next the level. The way the game is presented can be compared to and actual television broadcast. It has instant replays, a pre-game, halftime report, and end of game recap. It also features commercials for other game and sponsorships. For instance it is not just the halftime report, but the “HP Halftime Report”. The play-by-play has also gotten more accurate and will make your feel like you were watching an actual game. Overall, the improvements in the Graphics and Presentation help to make NBA2K12 one of the best basketball games ever!



The gameplay in NBA2K12 is great. It still has the same great game controls as last year, and some new ones that you will defiantly enjoy. For instance the new Stick Shooting method give you more control over your shot and the different shots that you can do. You have more control over how the ball is shot and how you release the ball. The computer mode of defense is pretty hard, if for some reason you throw a bad pass, there is a good chance the opposing team wills steal it. You are given a lot more control in NBA2K12, you have to navigate your self around he court, instead of having the game doing some of the work for you. Many people will like the new-found freedoms in the game. Overall, the gameplay will make NBA2K12 fun for everyone.


Bottom Line

NBA2K12 is a great game, one of the best basketball games on the market, if not the best. The improvements from last year version can be seen in every single part of the game. The improvements in presentation alone make the game a must have. You will think you are watching a basketball game on TV, because of how realistic the play-by-play and total presentation of the game is. The graphics have been improved on a lot as well, making the game much more life-like. The new Gameplay controls will make the game fun for everyone. I would recommend NBA2K12 to anyone looking for a great basketball game, as it the best Basketball game of the year! You Can Get your NBA2K12 Copy, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank 2K Sports for providing us with a copy of “NBA2K12 for the Xbox 360”.


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