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Our friends over at Virgin Mobile have sent us the Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph for us to review! It is a pre-paid android phone made by Motorola. It goes for $300 and you pay as you go. Now, let’s get started with the full review of the Motorola Triumph.



The Motorola Triumph has a very nice design tp it. It looks like a very big phone but, it is not to thick and is pretty light. However, even though it is a pre-paid/no contract phone it is a very feature rich device. For starters it has beautiful 4.1-inch WVGA touchscreen display, that displays almost anything very well. Under the display you have your 4 regular Android Buttons. The settings, home, back and search buttons. On the bottom of the phone you have your mini-HDMI port and micro USB port. The phone is only 0.4 inches thick so it is not very thick at all. On the left hand side you have your aluminum power/sleep button. On the right hand side you have the same aluminum design but, instead of the power/unlock button you have your volume rocker. On the top of the phone you have your 3.5mm Headphone Jack. On top of the screen you have your front-facing VGA camera, ear piece and “Motorola” logo. On the back you have your 5 mega-pixel camera with Flash, as well as the “Virgin Mobile” and “Motorola” logo. If you take the back cover off your will find your battery and your microSD card. It holds up to 32GB of space. Inside you have a 1 GHz processor that will make the phone fast when using it. It also has 512MB of RAM which will help speed things up again. The Triumph also has 2 speakers both on each side of the phone, located at the bottom of the device. The sounds quality is pretty good for a mobile phone. So, as you can see the Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph is a very feature rich phone, which proves that even though it is a pre-paid it can still play against the by-contract smartphones.



The Motorola Triumph is running Android 2.2 Gingerbread. Now, Motorola’s own User Interface , MOTOBLUR, is not on the device. This makes so people happy and others may be a little disappointed. It is a very clean version of Android, with some add-on’s from Virgin Mobile. But, for the most part it is just stock Android which many people will like. The Triumph runs Android very fast, and that is thanks to it 1GHz Processor and the 512MB of RAM. It does feature come pre-loaded apps like Virgin Mobile My Account and Download, Virgin Mobile Live, WHERE, Poynt, Twidroid, and the regular google applications. Now, a great app that is pre-loaded is Virgin Mobile Live! Inside the app you can access Music, Videos, Blog, Events, Like Us, Profile, and About. It is described as “The only place to feed your addiction to new music”. In the app you get access to live music stream that is hosted by the great DJ Abbey Braden. The best part is that it is free, it also has videos from Virgin Mobile’s FreeFest, find shows that are nearby, and much more. It works over 3G and WiFi. When we were using it on 3G it was coming in great, with almost no buffering required at all. Overall, Virgin Mobile Live is an app that you need to check out. The entire experience of Android 2.2 Gingerbread on the Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph is great.


Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk Plans

Now, Android on Virgin Mobile comes at a great price. In fact their slogan for there Android Plan is “We Dare You To Find A Better Android Plan”. The thing is that it is a very hard thing to do. The best part is that you are not locked into a contract. There are 3(three) plans for you to choose from. All of them give you unlimited Web, Data, Messaging, and Email. You just choose the number of minutes that you need. Now, let’s dive in to there great plans.

  • $35 a month- This will give you unlimited Web, Data, Messaging, and Web. You will get 300 anytime minutes
  • $45 a month- This will give you unlimited Web, Data, Messaging, and Web. You will get 1200 anytime minutes
  • $55 a month- You will get unlimited Everything Including, Anytime Minutes, Web, Data, Messaging, and Email.

All of Virgin Mobile’s plans will give you unlimited Web, Data, Messaging, and Web, which is a great value alone right there. You just have to choose the number of minutes that is right for you. Overall, Virgin Mobile is a great value that comes at an amazing price.


Bottom Line

The Virgin Mobile Triumph proves that just because you have a no-contract phone, doesn’t mean that the phone isn’t as good as a contract-smartphone. The Triumph is a very feature rich phone. It has a great  4.1-inch WVGA touchscreen display. You will not get slowed down at all because it has a 1GHz Processor and 512MB of RAM inside. It has an 8 mega-pixel back camera and front-facing camera for video calls. It is running on the great Sprint network. It also has so much more! The Virgin Mobile Triumph will cost $299 plus the no-contract monthly plan you choose for it. You Can Get Your Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank Virgin Mobile for providing us with a copy of the “Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph”.





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