Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Official! - NJTechReviews

One of the most awaited sequels to a great game series, was just confined. “Grand Theft Auto 5” was just confined by “Rockstar Games”. If you go to , you will see the photo above, the Grand Theft Auto 5 Logo.  There is nothing known about this new game and we will update you as soon as we hear anything! All we know is that the Trailer is coming on next Wednesday November 2, 2011! We want to know what you think will be in Grand Theft Auto 5, the new features you want, and anything else about the game! It looks like money will be a big part of the game, just from looking at the photo above. It is a green “V” with “Five”. We all have to wait until next Wednesday the 2nd of November 2 to see what is in store for Grand Theft Auto 5!


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