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Today, Verizon Wireless has announced UpNext HD Maps – Verizon Edition. It is a free application that is available now for certain Android Tablets. It offers dynamic mapping and navigation for Verizon Customers. It has 3D Views, Detail on Roads, very interactive, road signs, and much more. It also allows you to find deals from restaurants and other local retailers, it also includes reviews from Yelp. If you want spoken turn-by-turn directions, it works hand-in-hand with VZNavigator. Keep in mind you have to be a subscriber to VZNavigator. UpNext HD Maps – Verizon Editions, looks like a great new app for tablets! It can be downloaded from the Android Market right now, for more info see this link: For even more info, check out the Press Release below.

Press Release


Verizon Wireless just introduced UpNext HD Maps – Verizon Edition, a free, application now available for select Android tablets.

UpNext HD Maps offers a dynamic mapping and navigation experience for Verizon Wireless customers providing interactive, 3D views and detail on roads, road signs, buildings in dozens of cities across the United States.

Combining UpNext HD Maps and the tablet’s screen size and display, business travelers and consumers can easily search for things to do all day long, from recreation and dining choices and nightlife options.  The UpNext app also allows you to discover deals from local retailers and restaurants, and to read reviews from sites including Yelp.   UpNext HD Maps keeps the business traveler on schedule with Building Directory which shows a list of the businesses located in a building.

Customers who want to use VZNavigator for spoken, turn-by-turn directions to chosen destinations can send place information directly from UpNext HD Maps to find their way around town quickly. (A VZNavigator subscription is required for this to work.)

UpNext HD Maps – Verizon Edition can be downloaded from the Android Market   Information on VZ Navigator is



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