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Our friends over at Harmonix have sent us over a copy of “Dance Central 2” for us to review. The original Dance Central came out let year, and made a huge smash in the market. Even though it is only available for the Kinect. Does Dance Central 2 county the greatness of the tries, our full review will answer that. Now, lets start with the full review of Dance Central 2!


Game Modes

The one big problem with the original Dance Central, was that there was no multiplayer. Well, Harmonix definitely fixed this in the sequel. Dance Central 2 allows you to dance along with a friend, battle a friend, and so much more. Let’s start off with the simple “Perform Mode”, it is when you dance with up to 2 people and you try to do your best. Your scores will be added together in the end, so it is not a battle. This mode is great and will keep both people moving. Now we have “Battle Mode”, this is when you go to a complete dance battle with your friend. You want to try to beat them, your scores will not be added and at the end the virtual character will show off some crazy moves and smack talk. This is probably the most intense mode of the entire game. In the middle of the song 4 cards, for each player, will come on-screen with 4 different moves on them. You pick one of them and do it the best you can. That way you get more points than the person that you are battling does. You also have “Break It Down” mode which will show you how to the dances. It will take you step by step throughout the entire song and will make sure that you know what you are doing. And Harmonix did not forget about “Fitness Mode”, they have added some new modes, that will be sure to get you fit. There are new cardio workout modes and an endurance run. Both are crowd pleasures, that many people will enjoy. It will show you the number of calories lost as well as the length of the workout. Overall, Dance Central 2’s game modes are insanely fun and entertaining.


User Interface And Songs

Dance Central 2 takes full use of the Kinect’s Capabilities. In the interface you can control it via your hand or the Xbox Controller. With the hand you scroll to the option you want and then swipe the arrow to the right. To go back you use your left hand and swipe it to the left. It will keep you active before and after your dance. When you first insert the disc, you will see the great opening which shows off some of the moves that you will be doing. From, there you can either use your hand or the controller. I will admit that at time using your hand can be a bit frustrating. However with some practice you’ll be good to go. You can also use Voice Commands now. For instance if you say “Dance” it will be bring you to the song menu. From there you say “Song” and then the name of the song you want. This is also a great new way to control the Interface. Overall, the User Interface is great and very intuitive. Now, we talk about the song you will be dancing too. For starters the song list is great, and many people will appreciate this. You can import songs from the Original Dance Central in to Dance Central 2. So, the songs will not go to waste but, instead they will add to the party. Dance Central 2 features some great songs like, Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz, Club Can’t Handle Me Right Now by FloRida, Born This Way by Lady Gaga, and much more. You can also be more songs from the Dance Central 2 store, which is located right in the main menu. The song selection in Dance Central 2 is great it features a mix of oldies and new hits!


Bottom Line

Dance Central 2 is amazing game. It definitely lives up to all of the hype from the original Dance Central. It features the same great old features and new ones that you are sure to love. The addition of Multiplayer makes the game so much better, now you and your friends can break down some new modes. The addition of Voice Control to the user interface will make many people happy as well. All of Dance Central is great and is one of the best, if not the best, Dancing game on the market. I would recommend to anyone who has a Kinect. It is a game that you need to have to make your Kinect Game Collection complete. Dance Central 2 will cost you $49.99 . For More Info On Dance Central 2 Or To Get The Game, Click Here. We would like to thank Harmonix for providing us with a copy of “Dance Central 2”.

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